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Pursuit 31 NC Retreat

I just returned from an really great trip to Surf City, NC where I joined 13 other female photographers for a relaxing weekend of faith, friendship & photography. I had a super awesome time meeting new friends and learning from each other! For the most part our camera's we're down, but may instagram images we're taken because, "hey, we're photographers!" haha! I drove down from Durham to meet a few friends (Christi and Kaitlyn) and we rode out to the beach together. We we're greeted by super friendly photographers and began getting to know each other by taking a walk down the beach.

Our first morning at the beach and I was one of the only people in the house to be up for the sunrise, haha! That is so not normal for me.

A few of the girl's mothers stayed with us to cook and help out. The food was fantastic and on the first night we enjoyed chicken parmesan and some amazing cupcakes!! Then we we're joined by Gene Ho of Myrtle Beach, SC, who led a talk on posing and other photography topics.

The next day we're we enjoyed even more amazing food and discussed topics like editing and pricing before heading out to the beach for a Gatsby themed styled shoot! Unfortunately it rained all day and the lighting was not the best! We still managed to get some good shots despite the wet, freezing weather and I can't wait to share them with you soon!

We then went out to eat, "party of 17 please : )" before returning to the beach house to roast s'mores! The next morning flew by and before we new it, it was time to head home. So sad it's over, but so glad to be a part of this experience! Great trip and a great group of ladies in the North Carolina Pursuit 31 group!

Posted in Photograph Post Date 06/03/2017